Temporary & On-Demand Payroll Staffing

Need help quickly? We maintain our own team of specialists as well as an extended network of thourougly vetted Payroll professionals who can help you manage, run and control your payroll operations in a matter of hours. We adjust to your needs and can, for example, help you perform operational and compliance audits, review key time collection and payroll administration porcesses, align practices between the HR and Payrol functions and coach/support new payroll team members joining your team.

Permanent Payroll Staffing

Seeking a permanent Payroll expert or manager? We liaise and network with the best payroll talent in most industries and regions. By maintaining an active presence within multiple Canadian Payroll and business associations and by hosting a series of Payroll related events, surveys and conferences every year, we have built-up an extensive network of professionals and candidates that we will leverage to help you.

Outsource Your Payroll

Wish to reduce your Payroll risks and focus on other issues?  We will operate and manage your payroll operations, in keeping with your internal processes and controls. You will no longer worry about being short staffed or caught off-guard by an unexpected departure.  We will operate your Payroll from your premises using your current payroll platform or from our secure facility located in the greater  Montreal area.  With 24/7 support, on demand services and scalable operations, PayPartner will respond and adapt to the evolving needs of your business.